Escort Dominique

Escort girl Dominique
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Breast typeNatural
Weight (kg)74 kg / 164 lbs
Height (cm)177 cm / 5.81 foot
Hair colorBlack
Are you a smokerNo
1 hour 3072 3072 SEK
2 hours 5120 5120 SEK
Night price - - SEK
Hi. My name is Dominique and I am a Swedish Lady who are dominate and sadist. I am also footfetish and love when a man take care of my feet. I am also submissive masochist but with right men and with men who have long experience. I meet men who have experience to be submissive and masochist but I also meet you if you have little or no experience at all. I lead you. I also learn men who want to be dominate and sadist and the most important are that you understand what it’s realy are. A lot of people think that a sadist is someone who pain another person against her/his will. It’s completely the…
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